[TRANS] Percakapan antara Siwon dan Eunhyuk via Twitter ^^

Finally the translate of conversation between siwon and hyuk at TL ^^

siwon407: @/AllRiseSilver The whole world is shaking~^^

AllRiseSilver: @/siwon407 London is really fun right?

siwon407: @/AllRiseSilver Why are you like this like you’re an amateur yourself^^ Its good its good really good (President of young girls)

AllRiseSilver: @/siwon407 Amateur? Why are you like this, to your London sunbae^^ was it called Premier League, I don’t even know

siwon407: @/AllRiseSilver You’re not.. talking about the movie Sean Connery appeared in right^^? And I already came here in 1995.

siwon407: @/AllRiseSilver That’s a 4D gag. Unfortunately it was on the day I arrived so I was unable to catch the last Man U match^^

AllRiseSilver: @/siwon407 What would you have known in 1995

siwon407: @/AllRiseSilver Seems like I was careless with my words, I’m sorry hoobae-nim^^ ㅋㅋ

AllRiseSilver: @/siwon407 Shut up stop travelling around and come back to Korea to work. And quickly give me 1 million followers too

cr: AllRiseXiahtic via: fuckyeahchoisiwon


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